About the Contributors

This page is dedicated to all of the developers who have made OPDelivered.com a reality.

TheKeeb (Matt) founded this project on April 24th, 2013 after noticing there wasn't a site out there dedicated to just keeping track of OPs. TheKeeb has a full-time job, so he can't devote 100% of his time to working on the site. But, he thought, with help, this site could become a reality. After a couple Imgur posts asking for help, a few fellow imgurians/developers offered to help. TheKeeb has made a few good friends on this journey, too!

TheKeeb is mainly responsible for keeping the servers that host OPDelivered.com running 24/7, though he can code too!

Enough about TheKeeb, this page is dedicated mainly to the great people who helped make this site a reality!

Personal note: To my high school HTML teacher who gave me a D, the proof is in the pudding.

CodeBarbarian was the first person to offer to help on OPDelivered.com. With a security mindset and background, he was the right person to develop our framework, which we have dubbed PostOffice. Our security model was baked into our website from the very beginning.

The time it took CodeBarbarian to develop the framework was absolutely astounding. We were ready to start developing the actual site within just a couple days! He has been absolutely instrumental in making OPDelivered.com a reality!

Harrison Telyan is best known as the designer of the mock iPhone app that he designed and posted on imgur. Everybody loved the design, and wished imgur would make an app that looked like it.

Meachie, another member of our team, had the idea of approaching him to ask if he would help us out, after remembering the iPhone app post. So TheKeeb messaged him, and thankfully, he agreed to help! He had absolute control over the design, since we didn't even have one to begin with!

A week or so later, he had an entire site design, complete with .PSD files, so we could make the design a reality. Absolutely awesome work, and quick, too!

As of August, 2013, Harrison is no longer with us. He left OPDelivered.com to pursue other ventures, and we wish him the best!

Jaise was absolutely crucial in the making of this site. TheKeeb didn't actually know Jaise was an entire front-end developer, he thought Jaise was only a JS/jQuery developer. The day TheKeeb received the .PSD file for the new site design, he was eager to show it off and sent it to Jaise. Jaise immediately responded with, "Yeah, I can do that!" And so Jaise also became our entire front-end developer!

When Jaise committed the changes he had made to the site for the first time, TheKeeb couldn't believe it. It was a perfect transition from just a .PSD file to a functioning page!